Το Σάββατο 16/12 η Έλλη Κοκκίνου διασκέδασε με την παρεά της στο Box Athens που εμφανίζονται οι Μέλισσες με την Τάμτα. Οι Μέλισσες κάλεσαν την Έλλη Κοκκίνου να ανέβει στη σκηνή και αυτή με γνωστές επιτυχίες ξεσήκωσε το κοινό του Box club athens.


STUDIO 24 club

STUDIO 24 club Γκάζι Κεραμεικός τηλέφωνο τιμές κρατήσεις διεύθυνση χάρτης πληροφορίες τιμές 2017 2018 στούντιο κλαμπ gkazi

STUDIO 24 club

Γκάζι, Κεραμεικός

Παρασκευή: 90 ευρώ έως και 6 άτομα
Σάββατο: 100 ευρώ έως και 6 άτομα

Είναι γνωστό τοις πάσι πως το Γκάζι αποτελεί το απόλυτο hotspot των νέων , είναι μία αξία διαχρονική στις προτιμήσεις του κόσμου και δεν είναι μυστικό πως είναι η πιο in επιλογή για την νυχτερινή διασκέδαση, αφού τα βράδια πάντα κρατάνε περισσότερο στην περιοχή του Κεραμικού. Είναι μια σταθερή αξία για την βραδινή διασκέδαση , γιατί τα events του , τα οποία είναι καθημερινά , κινούνται σε maintream ρυθμούς, με νέα όμως μικρά μαγαζάκια να δημιουργούν τον απόλυτο πανικό, όπως το εξαιρετικό studio24. Κατάφερε παρότι μας συστήθηκε πολύ πρόσφατα, να ανασυντάξει τον νυχτερινό χάρτη της πόλης και να μετατοπίσει το ενδιαφέρον της νεολαίας πάνω του. Κάθε γνήσιος λάτρης της ξένης μουσικής βρίσκει το απόλυτο στέκι του στο studio 24 αφού η trap, dabstep & electro μουσική πρωταγωνιστεί στα decks του τα οποία παίρνουν φωτιά.

Η μουσική στο μάξιμουμ της έντασης, η κάβα καλά ενημερωμένη με πληθώρα ποτών, συνδιαστικά με το ανανεωμένο look του, είναι μια μικρή περιγραφή του studio 24 η οποία σε καλεί στην απόλυτη διασκέδαση χωρίς περιορισμούς στο κέφι και στο ωράριο. Είναι ένας αρκετά εμπνευσμένος χώρος που έφερε αρκετές καινοτομίες στην διασκέδαση της πόλης και έχει καταφέρει να χριστεί ως μια must επιλογή για όποιον αποφασίσει να γίνει μέρος της φαντασμαγορικής εμπειρίας που προσφέρει το χειμερινό νησάκι της Αθήνας, Γκάζι.

Voodoo club

Voodoo Club is a very powerful name in the nightlife of the city, since there is no one who has not visited it even once to take off its fun. It is that shop that monopolizes the interest of all night Athens since, from the very first moment that we were introduced, it promoted the concept of absolute entertainment, winning the interest of all the Athenian audiences who choose it fanatically to live the concept of entertainment to its highest degree.

This season moves to the third floor of the Gazi music hall, with the energy and the ultimate fun to stay unchanged. His everyday party, combined with the true Greek element that always stars, is one of the elements that put it so high on the preferences of the world and gave him the title of one of the biggest hotspots of Athens. The magic with Voodoo is that even if you have not chosen it for your main drink, you will always find yourself entertained there until the early hours, since it is admittedly the one that closes its doors last, and keeps Gazi in First line of night Athens preferences.

The best dj’s will be hanging for another year from the decks of Voodoo club Gkazi, taking off our fun with the music being always suited, and moving on all kinds, starting from very vibrant vibes to excellent ballads as time passes. With the intrusive climate being a distinctive piece of Voodoo, and extraordinary events to frame its weekly schedule create the appropriate structures to make your entertainment softer.

Entertainment at Voodoo is a guaranteed concept, since anyone who visits it once, automatically turns it into a permanent hangout as it visits it again and again. The winter for Voodoo looks epic, since the only change is the location, with the fun being left untouched and the Athenian audience dancing and singing there until the early hours.


VIP tables, elegant and comfortable couches, require the consumption of premium bottles only. Beverages come for free and are unlimited.


Address: Iera odos street 7, Kerameikos


Lohan club Athens στο Γκάζι!

One of the nightlife clubs that came and changed once and for all the nightlife map of the city was the spectacular Lohan club. It is a shop that was set in absolute standards of the top venues abroad and is in the place of the legendary Spell club. It is actually located in one of the most beloved and popular parts of Athens, where the pulse of entertainment, Gazi and more specifically the Sacred Way, always strikes better. Lohan club Athens, caused the ultimate panic in the city’s nightlife, after rewriting the term «superclub» to Greece, with the public choosing it fanatically to take off its entertainment. From his spectacular stage, the best ones went through where, with their musical choices, they roused every Lohan customer, transforming him into permanent treasure.

This shop came in virtually to make the club a step further confirming to the utmost that Gkazi is not by accident the city’s best night destination. Lohan Club, of course, did not miss new parties and events that made it to its peak, and they built the shop as one of the city’s best clubs.

The most accurate house & RnB vibes played a prominent role, of course the legendary ‘Showtime’, a party that wrote its own story in Athens’ nightlife, acquiring its own fanatic audience. Another attraction for Lohan Athens is its special structural recommendation that allows everyone to entertain as desired. It has a lovely prive space with raised sofas that give comfort and an elegant element that gives something unique to the overall aesthetic image of the shop. Leading role is played by state-of-the-art Led walls, combined with well-designed spaces to give unique shows to the most explosive dance performances that enchant every sensation and magnetize all the looks. So the Athenian audience has already begun counting on the long awaited opening of the glamorous Lohan athens club, which comes to decorate our winter nights in the way that only knows it, causing the ultimate panic and monopolizing our nightly interest.

VIP tables, elegant and comfortable couches, require the consumption of premium bottles only. Beverages come for free and are unlimited.
2 VIP areas are available. VIP area #1 requires minimum consumption of 2 premium bottles (Persons 1 to 10) and VIP area #2 (Prive Area) requires minimum consumption of 3 premium bottles (Persons 1 to 10)

Address: Iera odos street 30-32, Kerameikos


Φωταέριο Πλούταρχος Βρεττός

Fotaerio is one of the city’s most important nightclubs, and although it is only the fourth year of its existence at night, it has established itself as one of Athens’ greatest meetingpoints with all of Athens choosing it fanatically for its entertainment, as it is A place that always chooses to frame its music programs with subversive collaborations that magnetize the looks and win all the impressions. It is where the heart of fun, in Gazi, and more specifically in Piraeus 100, hosts the biggest names of the Greek pentagram and is worthy of the top of the world’s preferences, with the eyes being magnetized, and the Sensations to be seduced.

He always chooses to put subversive collaborations at the forefront of his musical program, and so he always manages to become a great receiver of love and acceptance by the world. For the coming winter season, the photographers of Fotaerio place the prominent line-up singer Giannis Ploutarchos, and the explosive Elias Vrettos.

It is undoubtedly the ‘best child’ of the Greek pentagram, and this is immediately perceived by the inconceivable universe that prevails in every appearance. The love of the world towards his face is unique, and of course highly justified. Giannis Ploutarchos is an artist who, through his innumerable songs, has managed to touch the hearts of all, and lead our feelings to their heyday. His name has not been randomly identified with the erotic song, since his lurking and sensuous voice is capable of magnetizing and enchanting every sensation.

Ilias Vrettos is an artist, because in a few years he has become a fanatical audience, and the one that emits on the stage can hardly fit into a few words. Each of his live shows is unique, and he knows well enough to get the mood in the red, and literally throws us up high, as he says his great success has made him widely known. So in the coming winter season, the excellent Elias Vrettos joins forces with one of the best folk singers of our country, Yiannis Ploutarchos, already provoking agitation in night Athens, with Fotaerio Gazi to claim very seriously the nomination for our number one destination .

VIP tables, elegant and comfortable couches, require the consumption of premium bottles only. Beverages come for free and are unlimited. Address: Peiraios street and Persefonis, Athens


Akanthus club

Αkanthus club, is a unique shop that is successful regardless of the season, as it accompanies our days both in its winter verse in Gazi and in its summer in Alimos. But in essence, it is a shop identical to the word summer, as in any place where it was housed, it managed to build a permanent audience that established it as an absolute all day bar-restaurant.
One of the key components of his success is the excellent and experienced team of collaborators who created a shop that responded perfectly to the era and the world’s preferences as it covered them all.

Akanthus summer club managed to combine everything from coffee and snack lounges to cocktails and unique events that monopolized our summer evenings for another season, shifting Alimos Coast as one of the hottest summer hotspots. It has established itself in the consciousness of all as the must choice of the summer season, and gives everyone the chance to make the most beautiful escape from the everyday life of the city.

Of course, and its winter verse is a huge meetingpoint of the city, with Gazi, one of the biggest meetpoint of the city, and Aktanthus Gazoo, one of the main destinations to take off our fun. The shop-makers have invested in a very impressive space in the heart of the Center with the people choosing it constantly. The famous club will also rise this season in the consciousness of the Athenian audience, staring at the city’s top vibes and the best dj’s to play a major role in the weekly events that will take place there and this winter season. After the end of the summer season, Akanthus club returns to its winter base to monopolize for one more year our nightly interest and to be named as the ultimate destination and warmth in the most beautiful way during our winter evenings.

VIP tables, elegant and comfortable couches, require the consumption of premium bottles only. Beverages come for free and are unlimited.
*The minimum order for 1-6 people is 1 premium category and 1 special category bottle. Prices for premium are between 150-160 euro and for special bottles are 110-130 euro each.


Akanthus winter club: Peiraios street 102, Kerameikos
Akanthus summer club: Alimos & Posidonos Avenue