Πρεμιέρα στο Box Athens για τις Μέλισσες και την Τάμτα!

box club athens melisses tampa peiraios 130

Το νέο σχήμα στο Box club athens, Μέλισσες και Τάμτα έκαναν την πρεμιέρα τους την πρώτη παρασκευή του Δεκεμβρίου! Η πειραιώς στο Γκάζι γέμισε απο κόσμου που περίμενε να ακούσεις τις Melisses στο Box Athens.





Voodoo club

Voodoo club 2019 Γκάζι Τηλέφωνο Τιμές 211.850.3680

Voodoo Club is a very powerful name in the nightlife of the city, since there is no one who has not visited it even once to take off its fun. It is that shop that monopolizes the interest of all night Athens since, from the very first moment that we were introduced, it promoted the concept of absolute entertainment, winning the interest of all the Athenian audiences who choose it fanatically to live the concept of entertainment to its highest degree.

This season moves to the third floor of the Gazi music hall, with the energy and the ultimate fun to stay unchanged. His everyday party, combined with the true Greek element that always stars, is one of the elements that put it so high on the preferences of the world and gave him the title of one of the biggest hotspots of Athens. The magic with Voodoo is that even if you have not chosen it for your main drink, you will always find yourself entertained there until the early hours, since it is admittedly the one that closes its doors last, and keeps Gazi in First line of night Athens preferences.

The best dj’s will be hanging for another year from the decks of Voodoo club Gkazi, taking off our fun with the music being always suited, and moving on all kinds, starting from very vibrant vibes to excellent ballads as time passes. With the intrusive climate being a distinctive piece of Voodoo, and extraordinary events to frame its weekly schedule create the appropriate structures to make your entertainment softer.

Entertainment at Voodoo is a guaranteed concept, since anyone who visits it once, automatically turns it into a permanent hangout as it visits it again and again. The winter for Voodoo looks epic, since the only change is the location, with the fun being left untouched and the Athenian audience dancing and singing there until the early hours.


VIP tables, elegant and comfortable couches, require the consumption of premium bottles only. Beverages come for free and are unlimited.


Address: Iera odos street 7, Kerameikos


Lohan club Athens στο Γκάζι!

LOHAN ATHENS CLUB Γκάζι 2018 ΤΗΛΕΦΩΝΟ 211.850.3680

Tο Lohan Club στήθηκε σε άρτιες προδιαγραφές των top χώρων του εξωτερικού και εδρεύει φυσικά σε ένα από τα πιο αγαπητά και λαοφιλή μέρη της Αθήνας, εκεί που χτυπάει πάντα καλύτερα ο παλμός της διασκέδασης, στο Γκάζι και πιο συγκεκριμένα στην Ιερά Οδό. To Lohan club, είναι πλέον ένα από τα πιο δυνατά club της πόλης, αφού κρατάει αμείωτη την θετική ενέργεια και το άνευ όρων κέφι. Το Lohan club στο Γκάζι λοιπόν, ήρθε να βάλει φωτιά στα βράδια μας, και έγινε η νούμερο ένα επιλογή κάθε λάτρη της απόλυτης νυχτερινής ψυχαγωγίας και της καλύτερης ξένης μουσικής. Οι καλύτεροι d’s βάζουν φωτιά στο stage του Lohan club, με τις μουσικές τους επιλογές, που όπως πάντα κινούνται στα καλύτερα και πιο ξεσηκωτικά vibes της πρωτεύουσας. Από την νυχτερινή Αθήνα αυτό που έλειπε ήταν ένα μαγαζί που θα θυμίζει club του εξωτερικού και θυμίζει την αίγλη παλιάς νυχτερινής ζωής στην πόλη. Το Lohan club, δεν είναι τυχαίο μαγαζί που έρχεται απλά να προστεθεί στα αναρίθμητα club της πόλης μας, καθώς είναι αποτέλεσμα ανθρώπων που γνωρίζουν άρτια τα νυχτερινά δεδομένα, και προσπαθούν να πάνε την έννοια του clubbing ένα βήμα παραπέρα και πιο κοντά στα πρότυπα του εξωτερικού.

Έτσι ακριβώς, δημιουργήθηκε ένας χώρος που ανταποκρίνεται άψογα στα τελευταία ρεύματα της ψυχαγωγίας, με υπερσύγχρονα ηχεία που θα προσδίδουν κρυστάλλινο ήχο, και διακόσμηση και αισθητική που δύσκολα μπορούν να συγκριθούν και αυτός είναι φυσικά το σπουδαίο Lohan Athens. Πρωταγωνιστικό ρόλο παίζουν εκεί τα υπερσύγχρονα Led walls, σε συνδυασμό με τους άρτια διαμορφωμένους χώρους για να δίνουν μοναδικά shows οι πιο εκρηκτικές χορευτικές παρουσίες, που σαγηνεύουν κάθε αίσθηση και μαγνητίζουν όλα τα βλέμματα. Έχοντας έναν εξαιρετικό prive χώρο με υπερυψωμένους καναπέδες που δίνουν την αίσθηση της άνεσης, αλλά συνάμα και ένα elegant στοιχείο, που δεν μπορείς να βρεις εύκολα αντίστοιχο. Τα πάρτι που απογείωσαν τις χειμερινές βραδιές μας και βρήκαν την μόνιμη στέγη τους στο μοναδικό Lohan club, κινούνται στους καλύτερους ξένους ρυθμούς. Η top rnb και hip hop μουσική της πόλης, φτάνει όλες τις αισθήσεις μας στον ύψιστο βαθμό και η διασκέδαση δεν τελειώνει μέχρι τις πρώτες πρωινές ώρες.

Οι καλύτεροι dj’s της πόλης, εκρηκτικές χορευτικές παρουσίες, που μαγνητίζουν κάθε βλέμμα έχουν βρει την μόνιμη στέγη τους στο Lohan. Είναι ένα μαγαζί ικανό να πηγαίνει τις έννοιες της αισθητικής και της δομικής σύστασης ένα βήμα πιο πέρα, δίνοντας το δικό του στίγμα. Η δομική του σύσταση είναι έτσι ώστε να ακολουθεί όλα τα πρωτοποριακά στοιχεία, καθώς είναι πλήρως εκσυγχρονισμένο, έχοντας μοναδικούς φωτισμούς ανάλογα με την ατμόσφαιρα που εναλλάσσεται καθώς και υπερσύγχρονα ηχεία που προσδίδουν κρυστάλλινο ήχο σε όλο το εσωτερικό του μαγαζιού.

Για όποιον επιθυμεί να γίνει μέρος της πιο φαντασμαγορικής νυχτερινής εμπειρίας διασκέδασης, που θα θυμίζει ένα μαγαζί ισάξιο εξωτερικού, το Lohan club είναι η λύση. Είναι αναμφίβολα ένας ανανεωμένος χώρος που έρχεται να ταράξει τα νερά της διασκέδασης στην Αθήνα και να θέσει τις δικές του δομές στα νυχτερινά δρώμενα και το κάνει με τεράστια επιτυχία και την φετινή νυχτερινή χειμερινή σεζόν. Το Lohan nightclub είναι ένα μοναδικό μαγαζί που έκανε την εμφάνιση του στα νυχτερινά δεδομένα της πόλης, με φαντασμαγορικά πάρτι, μοναδικά live acts, και τους καλύτερους dj’s να προκαλούν πανικό στην πόλη, σε κάθε μέρα λειτουργίας του. Το συγκεκριμένο υπερκλαμπ λοιπόν και για αυτή την χειμερινή σεζόν, θα μας συντροφεύσει με τον καλύτερο τρόπο φιλοξενώντας τα καλύτερα events και projects της νυχτερινής Αθήνας. Είναι επόμενο, πως το Lohan club, πληροί όλες τις προδιαγραφές για να στεγάσει σπουδαία parties, αφού έχει ένα φαντασμαγορικό stage με τελευταίας τεχνολογίας φωτισμούς και ηχητικούς εξοπλισμούς που πηγαίνουν την διασκέδαση ένα βήμα παραπέρα και έτσι καθίσταται το μόνο μαγαζί στην πόλη που μπορεί να στεγάσει τα μεγαλύτερα πάρτι και έτσι και θα κάνει.

Είναι εκείνο το μαγαζί που ήρθε να αλλάξει την ιστορία των club της πόλης, και να επαναφέρει τον μύθο των υπερκλαμπ, σε αντίστοιχες προδιαγραφές με μαγαζιά του εξωτερικού και φυσικά το έκανε με τεράστια επιτυχία που ξεπερνάει χρόνο με το χρόνο όλες τις προσδοκίες μας, όσο ψηλά και αν είναι ο πήχης πλέον. Οι λάτρεις της γνήσιας μορφής του clubbing βρήκαν το μέρος που τους αξίζει και έχουν την δυνατότητα να γίνουν μέρος της πιο φαντασμαγορικής εμπειρίας διασκέδασης και του απόλυτου non stop party της πόλης. To Lohan Γκάζι φαίνεται να είναι η must επιλογή για τα βράδια μας και ειδικά αν είσαι λάτρης της ξένης μουσικής, μιλάμε σχεδόν για μονοπώλιο στην νυχτερινή Αθήνα.

One of the nightlife clubs that came and changed once and for all the nightlife map of the city was the spectacular Lohan club. It is a shop that was set in absolute standards of the top venues abroad and is in the place of the legendary Spell club. It is actually located in one of the most beloved and popular parts of Athens, where the pulse of entertainment, Gazi and more specifically the Sacred Way, always strikes better. Lohan club Athens, caused the ultimate panic in the city’s nightlife, after rewriting the term «superclub» to Greece, with the public choosing it fanatically to take off its entertainment. From his spectacular stage, the best ones went through where, with their musical choices, they roused every Lohan customer, transforming him into permanent treasure.

This shop came in virtually to make the club a step further confirming to the utmost that Gkazi is not by accident the city’s best night destination. Lohan Club, of course, did not miss new parties and events that made it to its peak, and they built the shop as one of the city’s best clubs.

The most accurate house & RnB vibes played a prominent role, of course the legendary ‘Showtime’, a party that wrote its own story in Athens’ nightlife, acquiring its own fanatic audience. Another attraction for Lohan Athens is its special structural recommendation that allows everyone to entertain as desired. It has a lovely prive space with raised sofas that give comfort and an elegant element that gives something unique to the overall aesthetic image of the shop. Leading role is played by state-of-the-art Led walls, combined with well-designed spaces to give unique shows to the most explosive dance performances that enchant every sensation and magnetize all the looks. So the Athenian audience has already begun counting on the long awaited opening of the glamorous Lohan athens club, which comes to decorate our winter nights in the way that only knows it, causing the ultimate panic and monopolizing our nightly interest.

VIP tables, elegant and comfortable couches, require the consumption of premium bottles only. Beverages come for free and are unlimited.
2 VIP areas are available. VIP area #1 requires minimum consumption of 2 premium bottles (Persons 1 to 10) and VIP area #2 (Prive Area) requires minimum consumption of 3 premium bottles (Persons 1 to 10)

Address: Iera odos street 30-32, Kerameikos


Έναστρον Μαζωνάκης Κουρκούλης

εναστρον μπουζουκια οδος πειραιως ταυρος

Enastron mazonakis is a place of very large capacity, with exceptional decoration and aesthetics, and it is no secret that it is one of the best bouzouki in the city. From the stage he has passed the most important names of the domestic music scene, taking off and kissing this shop as a top destination for our entertainment. Its state-of-the-art structural structure, with amphitheatrical stage and elevated corridors, allows every customer in any part of the shop, if sitting, to enjoy wherever he sits, enjoy the program of the unique Enstron.

For this winter season, this extraordinary night scene puts on the leading line two of the most prominent names of the domestic music scene, two popular singers who have marked the musical and nightlife of the country, Giorgos Mazonakis and Paola.

Giorgos Mazonakis is undoubtedly a leading performer, where with his highly successful songs, he has taken off all our senses, seducing every time his ever-growing audience. Subversive, but above all very talented, Giorgos Mazonakis becomes widely known with his much-loved «To the eyes», and is provoking a stir in the night’s events, stating that he has come to stay as he did.

Together with the great folk performer, one of the top folk singers, Paola, who with her explosive presence, and the genuine metal of her voice, has created her own current in the night. Its successful collaborations, and the countless pieces that have been loved by the world automatically, are just a very short description of this great popular voice, which has been loved to a great extent by the world, making it any store where it appears packed.

Thus, the 2017-2018 winter season in Enstron’s simeio G spectacular scene, preserves a magical musical «marriage», a subversive collaboration that will monopolize the interest of night Athens. Besides, who could resist unique live performances by hand, Giorgos Mazonakis and Paola? The countdown has begun and the Athenian audience is keen to fill its winter nights with the most beautiful musical background.

VIP tables, elegant and comfortable couches, require the consumption of premium bottles only. Beverages come for free and are unlimited.


Address: Peiraios street 188, Tavros



φίβερ mpouzoukia tilefono times kratiseis

Syngrou Avenue is home to one of the biggest meetingpoints of night Athens, a night scene that has hosted the most important names of the domestic music scene, and of course the exciting Fever. Of course, we are talking about one of the city’s top bouzoukia, which honors the term absolute fun and unconditionally fun to the utmost degree. With a great night-time journey, pillars of the nightlife of the capital, it is one of those boutiques that promote authentic entertainment, and has been praised as one of the top destinations for every true entertainment lover.

Fever is a fairly big night scene, giving the whole audience the opportunity to have fun there until the early hours. Additionally, it is easily accessible from all parts of Athens, as it is close to the Syngrou-Fix Metro Station. For this winter season, he creates a subversive musical «marriage», causing riot on the map of the night capital, uniting the Lord as he calls his thousands of fans, Themis Adamantidis, with the beloved and everlasting Peggy Zhna.

Themis Adamantidis is a musical phenomenon in the country. He has fanatical fans who faithfully follow him in every artistic step, and he belongs to the top with the best performers of our country. He has in his musical work countless songs that have become tremendous successes over time and he remains faithful to the folk song, which he represents perfectly from the first moment that he appeared in the country’s musical events.

Themis Adamantidis has performed from extremely uplifting and entertaining pieces to the top sensational ballads that have not been unfairly interpreted as the absolute hymns of love. With him for this Fever season, he will be the only elli kokkinou, an artist whose course in the country’s music, speaks for himself and is the best description of this great artist. Since the 1970s he was first introduced to us, he was established in the consciousness of the world as one of the country’s top singers, with the distinctive metal of his voice making him so special. From the coming winter season, Themis Adamantidis and elli kokkinou will be Fever’s hosts with the whole city being anxious for the long-awaited opening.

VIP tables, elegant and comfortable dining tables with chais, require the consumption of premium bottles only. Beverages come for free and are unlimited.

Address: Syggrou Avenue and Lagoumitzi 25, Athens


Fantasia live

argiros nino FANTASIA LIVE summer athens 2018

Fantasia live, is admittedly one of the best bouzouki in Athens, since it promotes absolute Greek entertainment. It is a guarantee of nightly entertainment, and the patrons who choose it are loyal and constantly growing. It is well known that it is a very important reason to go up to the coastal area, since the result will be to the highest degree. It may not count for many years in nightlife, but that did not prevent it from becoming one of the absolutely hotspots that represents authentic entertainment until the early hours.

Fantasia live is one of the most stylish shops with the energy and the atmosphere to give an absolute intimate mood. Wonderful protagonist of Fantasia live for the past few years is the most «brave» child of the Greek music scene, Konstantinos Argyros, where he will be welcomed to the next scene of 5, Poseidonos Avenue, next to the explosive Zofepin and his Excellent Otherview.

Since the first time he has been introduced to us, Fantasia live Argyros immediately gained the attention and the great interest of the world due to his excellent voice and the very low profile he kept in all his years. In the autumn of 2010, he became the spotlight for his career as he released his song «You Are All That», with him becoming widely known, and the whole artistic space discussing his name. The sequel rightly justifies those who trusted him with their composing creations, but also the world that loved him lightning, since he immediately proved that he really was a ‘brave child’.

Konstantinos Argyros is capable of moving to a wide range of pieces of all kinds, since his program includes from rhythmic dance tracks to unique ballads. The collaborations he has made are quite important, with the same being found on the biggest nightlife of Athens and Thessaloniki, thus getting the proper equipment to be at the top of the world’s preferences. Last season, Konstantinos Argyros ‘managed’ to shift all the interest of night Athens towards the Beach, but this year has set the goal to make everyone around the world spin.

VIP tables, elegant and comfortable couches, require the consumption of premium bottles only. Beverages come for free and are unlimited.
*The minimum order for 1-4 people is 2 premium bottles , 240euro each one of them. Address: Posidonos Avenue 5, Glyfada


Διογένης Studio & Νατάσσα Μποφίλιου | Μπελ Ρεβ

Diogenis studio is a huge capacity building that allows the whole city to visit it in order to enjoy the unique program of the center. It is structured with equipment tailored to the latest technology, being a state-of-the-art music scene capable of hosting masterpiece programs. Additionally, the Papatheocharis group, which manages the particular night scene, is distinguished by its carefully designed and elegant appearance, with the comfort and elegant elements playing a leading role. Diogenes is a shop that follows the trend and goes hand in hand with it, and so staying in such a standard center is beyond any expectation. For this season, the unique Diogenes will host a very great voice on the stage, a female presence that adorns in our own way our nightly and musical events every year, and the reason for the exceptional Natassa Bofiliou.

Natassa Bofiliou is a phenomenon in the musical events of the country, as he has shown that he can impress someone without unnecessary impressiveness and skill, except with the only metal of the voice, capable of enchanting every sensation and causing shiver to anyone who has the ability of hearing . Natassa Bofiliou from the first moment she appeared in the events was a great muse of great creators who trusted their successes, which fascinate us to this day. Besides, who can remain unmotivated by listening to ‘I’ve found and I’m losing you’ or ‘I’m white’? Many have described it as one of the most important voices of her generation and not unfairly, as her fanatical audience is growing increasingly following her every step of the way. Her new record has already won critics and audiences, with Natassa Bofiliou going through the more mature and creative phase of her career. For this season, Diogenes studio trusts the extremely talented Natasha Bofiliou who will monopolize our winter and will decorate in the most beautiful way in the evenings.


VIP tables, elegant and comfortable couches, require the consumption of premium bottles only. Beverages come for free and are unlimited.
*The minimum order for 1-4 people is 1 premium category category bottle.


Address: Sygrou Αvenue 259, Athens


Block 146 all day cafe bar restaurant

block 146 κολωνάκι ερυθραία all day bar club cafe restaurant

Block 146 is one of the top venues for anyone looking for the ultimate all day entertainment experience. It is that shop that can combine in the most exquisite way, the most beautiful morning enjoyment, with excellent quality coffee, and a well-informed brunch, as well as a lunch menu as it passes, envying the best restaurants city. Our night getaways belong again to Block after choosing the top parties of the city, along with live performances by the most prominent representatives of the domestic music scene. From the very first moment we were introduced to it, it was the most beautiful way of decorating the northern suburbs, since it stood in the center of them, Nea Erythrea. From the start of the 2017-2018 season, Block 146 moves to the heart of the capital, at Kolonaki Square in place of “Rock n Roll”.

From the autumn of 2017, Kolonaki will gain an addition that will make it even higher in the preferences of the world, since Block 146 in all its years has gained its own fanatical audience. It is a shop that is distinguished by its unique design, its special style moving into industrial and urban elements, with its own moving to the best specifications of shops abroad. As has been said, fun at Block starts in the morning, with the best varieties of coffee, refreshing juices, smoothies, and a menu capable of taking off even the most discerning palates. Block 146 undoubtedly gives the best all-day entertainment experience, covering all tastes and preferences, and of course investing a lot in nightlife. The Top Parties of Athens night, the best dj’s and unique live by the best artists of the country’s musical data, make up the most beautiful scenery that will monopolize the interest of the Athenian audience for another year from a slightly more central location, With Block146 being worthy of another season, one of the city’s most important all day hotspots.

VIP tables, elegant and comfortable couches, require the consumption of premium bottles only. Beverages come for free and are unlimited.
*The minimum order for 1-6 people is 1 premium category and 1 special category bottle.

Address: Kolonaki Square, Kolonaki.


Box club Athens με Μέλισσες & Τάμτα | Χειμώνας 2019

box athens melisses club gkazi peiraios 130 goout.gr

BOX Athens is one of those night scenes that has changed forever the fun of the capital. From the very first moment that appeared in the events three years ago, it seemed to be something innovative capable of monopolizing our evenings and carving the ultimate one-way street of entertainment in the city, a street that showed bright letters to Piraeus 131 in Gazi.

Ceramics is undoubtedly the winter island of Athens, as it gathers all its eyes on the audience of the capital and calls it the most important hotspot, so the BOX was the ultimate attraction of the area. Its unique structural composition, with its comfortable sofas, a crowd of stands and two large bars, gave the Athenian audience the opportunity to entertain in whatever way he wants, since we refer to that shop that set the night’s number one trend of entertainment in the city , Our very favorite live clubbing. BOX Athens has united the vivid feature of live performance with the ultimate energy of a non stop party offering the biggest clubs. Its state-of-the-art audio equipment that lends crystal-clear sound to all corners of the shop, coupled with the special lighting that alternates according to the flow of the program, gave him the subversive element missing from the map of nightclubs.

Naturally, what boiled the BOX so high on the preferences of every true entertainment lover were the unique live performances from the country’s top band, Melisses, where they were permanent worthy protagonists of its spectacular scene. Box Melisses uniquely combines urban pop elements, but also unconditional joy, causing the ultimate panic and adornment of our nights in the right style.

Nobody visited the BOX once, now speaking with the term «patrons» instead of customers in that space. And this season Melisses will star in the stage, having the explosive Tammam on their side, which will fit perfectly into the BOX with her live, to be a unique audiovisual spectacle that captivates every sensation.

VIP tables, elegant and comfortable couches, require the consumption of premium bottles only. Beverages come for free and are unlimited.
*The minimum order for 1-6 people is 500euro, 7-12 people is 800euro. Reservations with amounts over 1000euro will join the front rows.

Address: Peiraios street 130, Kerameikos


Φωταέριο μπουζούκια 2019 – Πλούταρχος Ασλανίδου

Φωταέριο 2018 Πλούταρχος Τηλέφωνο Φοιτητικές Τιμές Κρατήσεις

Fotaerio is one of the city’s most important nightclubs, and although it is only the fourth year of its existence at night, it has established itself as one of Athens’ greatest meetingpoints with all of Athens choosing it fanatically for its entertainment, as it is A place that always chooses to frame its music programs with subversive collaborations that magnetize the looks and win all the impressions. It is where the heart of fun, in Gazi, and more specifically in Piraeus 100, hosts the biggest names of the Greek pentagram and is worthy of the top of the world’s preferences, with the eyes being magnetized, and the Sensations to be seduced.

He always chooses to put subversive collaborations at the forefront of his musical program, and so he always manages to become a great receiver of love and acceptance by the world. For the coming winter season, the photographers of Fotaerio place the prominent line-up singer Giannis Ploutarchos, and the explosive Elias Vrettos.

It is undoubtedly the ‘best child’ of the Greek pentagram, and this is immediately perceived by the inconceivable universe that prevails in every appearance. The love of the world towards his face is unique, and of course highly justified. Giannis Ploutarchos is an artist who, through his innumerable songs, has managed to touch the hearts of all, and lead our feelings to their heyday. His name has not been randomly identified with the erotic song, since his lurking and sensuous voice is capable of magnetizing and enchanting every sensation.

Ploutarxos is an artist, because in a few years he has become a fanatical audience, and the one that emits on the stage can hardly fit into a few words. Each of his live shows is unique, and he knows well enough to get the mood in the red, and literally throws us up high, as he says his great success has made him widely known. So in the coming winter season, the excellence joins forces with one of the best folk singers of our country, Yiannis Ploutarchos, already provoking agitation in night Athens, with Fotaerio Gazi to claim very seriously the nomination for our number one destination .

VIP tables, elegant and comfortable couches, require the consumption of premium bottles only. Beverages come for free and are unlimited. Address: Peiraios street and Persefonis, Athens