Syngrou Avenue is home to one of the biggest meetingpoints of night Athens, a night scene that has hosted the most important names of the domestic music scene, and of course the exciting Fever. Of course, we are talking about one of the city’s top bouzoukia, which honors the term absolute fun and unconditionally fun to the utmost degree. With a great night-time journey, pillars of the nightlife of the capital, it is one of those boutiques that promote authentic entertainment, and has been praised as one of the top destinations for every true entertainment lover.

Fever is a fairly big night scene, giving the whole audience the opportunity to have fun there until the early hours. Additionally, it is easily accessible from all parts of Athens, as it is close to the Syngrou-Fix Metro Station. For this winter season, he creates a subversive musical «marriage», causing riot on the map of the night capital, uniting the Lord as he calls his thousands of fans, Themis Adamantidis, with the beloved and everlasting Peggy Zhna.

Themis Adamantidis is a musical phenomenon in the country. He has fanatical fans who faithfully follow him in every artistic step, and he belongs to the top with the best performers of our country. He has in his musical work countless songs that have become tremendous successes over time and he remains faithful to the folk song, which he represents perfectly from the first moment that he appeared in the country’s musical events.

Themis Adamantidis has performed from extremely uplifting and entertaining pieces to the top sensational ballads that have not been unfairly interpreted as the absolute hymns of love. With him for this Fever season, he will be the only elli kokkinou, an artist whose course in the country’s music, speaks for himself and is the best description of this great artist. Since the 1970s he was first introduced to us, he was established in the consciousness of the world as one of the country’s top singers, with the distinctive metal of his voice making him so special. From the coming winter season, Themis Adamantidis and elli kokkinou will be Fever’s hosts with the whole city being anxious for the long-awaited opening.

VIP tables, elegant and comfortable dining tables with chais, require the consumption of premium bottles only. Beverages come for free and are unlimited.

Address: Syggrou Avenue and Lagoumitzi 25, Athens